Advanced Spanish Phrases

How to learn advanced Spanish phrases?

Here goes an article about the importance of learning advanced Spanish. (coming soon)


Useful links:

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Encontré una página web nueva para aprender español!

I found a new website to learn Spanish!


Le di mi número de teléfono pero no me ha llamado todavía.

I gave him my phone number but he hasn’t called me yet.


Perdóneme, ¿qué es lo que dijo?

Excuse me, what did you say?


Sentímos que no pudiste asistir a nuestra reunión.

We were so sorry you couldn’t attend our reunion.


Ha sido una sorpresa volver a verte.

It was a surprise to see you again.


Cuando te vi bajar la escalera, fue amor a primera vista.

When I saw you coming down the stairs, it was love at first sight.


¿Qué pensaste de su nueva novia?

What did you think of his new girlfriend?


Te llamé para agradecerte lo de anoche; me lo pasé fenomenal.

I called to thank you for last night; I had a great time.


Pasen, por favor. Les presentarémos a nuestra familia.

Come in please. We will introduce you to our family.