Business Spanish Phrases

3 Reasons to learn Spanish Phrases for Business

Everybody knows that Spanish is becoming more and more important as a business language. It is no longer enough to know how to order a beer in Spanish. Today, you have to do business with a lot of Spanish speakers from Spain and Latin America, who will really appreciate it if you know some Business Spanish.

So, here are my 3 Reasons to learn Business Spanish:

  1. Emerging markets: Latin America is on the rise. Those countries are going through an enourmeous growth and that means BUSINESS! So, if you know some Spanish Phrases that help you in your phone calls, meetings, presentations etc., then you will have an edge and get more business.
  2. Changing Demographics: In the US and in fact, in all English speaking countries, the Spanish population is growing. This means that in all likelyhood you will soon have Spanish colleagues and team members. If you understand them, then there is a better chance of them understanding you.
  3. Security: Because of the increasing Spanish business, you will be in situations where you join a group of Spanish speakers. If they start speaking Spanish amongst them, then it means that they could be saying something about you or your business. It will give you a lot of security to know some of their language!

Here are some of the most common business spanish phrases for you:


Ella Está en una reunión.

She’s in a meeting.


la bolsa de Nueva York.

the NY stock exchange


Tengo una cita.

I have an appointment.


campaña publicitaria

advertising campaign


llevar un traje

to wear a suit


¿Encontraste a un inversor?

Did you find an investor?


Puede pagar con su tarjeta de crédito.

You can pay with your credit card.


Ella trabaja en una fábrica.

She works in a factory.


The hago una rebaja.

I will give you a discount.


‘verificar el saldo’

to verify the account balance


What’s more, you can find some amazing resources online for more business Spanish like this (old but good) website: