Free Spanish Phrases

Free Spanish Phrases

Here are some excellent free Spanish phrases to learn!

Learn Spanish phrases with these free examples on this website! Are you going to spend some time in Spain or another Spanish speaking country? Many people want to communicate in a Spanish speaking areas closer to home…

It is very important that you start learning Spanish with free sentences that you can use in your everyday life. If you want to be able to comunicate with your Hispanic neighbors and friends, then it is vital you pick up some Spanish phrases.

Yo no hablo español

I don’t speak spanish.


¿Dónde estás?

Where are you?


Necesito ayuda

I need help


¿Que horas son?

What time is it?


Necesito llegar a…

I need to get to…



Excuse me.


No hay problema

No problem.


me podría decir por favor…

Could you please tell me..?


Quisiera un…

I’d like a…


¿Dónde queda el metro?

Where is the metro station?


Once you know them, you can start learning some more difficult phrases. In any case, keep up the learning every day because only like that will yo ube able to learn Spanish in the long run. It is no use to learn something in one day and then never come back to it, because you will forget it immediately.

In the long run, ou have to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and don’t be shy to start speaking as soon as you can. Speaking the language, even if it is only a few sentences, can already help you more than buying expensive software or other learning material. Just go for it, learn as much as you can and SPEAK it.