Intermediate Spanish Phrases

Learn Intermediate Spanish Phrases!

If you are already at the intermediate level, maybe you will benefit from starting to learn the difference between Mexican Spanish and Spanish from Spain. It happens very often that you go travelling to Mexico and the Spanish you have learned does not in fact always match the Spanish that you have learned in the classroom. So jump right into it if you are ready for intermediate Spanish learning! :)

Juan y yo estaremos muy contentos de verte.

Juan and I will be very happy to see you.


Juan, vendrás a mi fiesta la próxima semana?

Juan, will you come to my party next week?


Por fin conocimos ayer a nuestros vecinos.

We finally met our neighbours yesterday.


Lo siento, no entendí su nombre; ¿puede repetirlo, por favor?

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your name; can you repeat it please?


¿Estarás libre para almorzar el martes que viene?

Will you be free for lunch next Tuesday?


Será un placer cenar contigo.

It will be a pleasure to have dinner with you.


¡Qué pena! ¿Por qué no vinieron anoche?

What a pity! Why didn’t they come last night?


Sergio y Carmen se casarán pronto!

Sergio and Carmen will get married soon!