Learn Spanish Free

Learn Spanish Free

Tips and tricks on how to learn Spanish for free online

Do you want to learn Spanish but not spend too much money on lessons and books? The the Internet is your place! But you have to be careful: there are many websites that do not work well and they do not teach you Spanish very well. What you need is a website where you will really learn Spanish free.

Here is what you have to look out for:

1. You need to learn useful Spanish. Many sites teach you how to say hello, how to say your name in Spanish, but that does not necessarily help. What you need is to be able to find your way around town on your first trip to Latin America for example.

2. Make sure you don’t learn to much at a time. Learning in bite-sizes has proven to be much more effective than learning a lot in a short period, because the human brain will not remember all that information in the long run.

3. Do not hesitate to spend some money to learn more. If you find a service that you like and where you find you are really learning something, then spend some money to increase your learning. This is important, because it is very hard to reach the next level if you always keep learning for free.

4. Find a program that is FUN. There is no stronger motivation to doing and learning something than if you actually enjoy tuning in every day to learn a little more. Why do you learn Spanish in the first place? – Because you want to have a good time, right? :)

I hope that the above helps you learn Spanish free on the Internet. In any case, you should take your time. If you want, follow my advice and sign up for the free Spanish Word-a-Day. The program has helped thousands of students improve their Spanish learning over the years and is always fun.