Learn Spanish Phrases with “Adivinanzas” (riddles)

You may have had the idea already using jokes as a way to learn Spanish. But how about the type or riddle that makes you think AND laugh at the same time? Wouldn’t that be fun? So I thought I would make a short post with an “adivinanza” for you and a hint where you can find more.

En verdes ramas nací,
en molino me estrujaron,
en un pozo me metí,
y del pozo me sacaron
a la cocina a freír.

(El aceite)


You see, in Spanish riddles are called differently, all word meaning essentially the same thing: adivinanzas, rompecabezas, acertijos, etc…

Here is an example of “adivinanzas“. You can also watch the video right here if you want:

18. January 2015 by spanishphrases
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