Spanish Phrases Audio

Spanish Phrases Audio

Learn the Spanish phrases with audio files!

Have you ever heard of anyone who learned a language without listening to how the language is pronounced? Well, you are right: it is impossible to learn spanish phrases without the audio to go with it. Hence we are working on introducing the Spanish phrases audio that you can use to learn even more.

What’ important for learning Spanish phrases:

- Audio

- mp3

- pronunciation  guide

- conversations with native speakers

- audio CDs

I hope that you will enjoy the Spanish audio together with your phrases that will help you learn Spanish even better than before!


This website was created to serve as a valuable resource for everyone who wants to learn Spanish phrases. It is the most complete collection of Spanish phrases online and is updated every weekday with the phrase of the week. You can also sign up to the free email and learn one NEW Spanish phrase every day when you check your emails.

Learning Spanish should be fun and this service is intendet to be a valuable contribution to your learning experience.