Spanish Proverbs

Spanish Proverbs

Learn Spanish Proverbs on Spanish Phrases!

Proverbs, or like you would say in Spanish “dichos” are vital for every-day conversation. You want to be able to connect to the people using only the coolest and most useful Spanish Proverbs that exist. On this site you will find tons and tons of sayings, phrases, proverbs and many other useful Spanish sentences.

About Spanish Phrases . Com

This website was created to serve as a valuable resource for everyone who wants to learn Spanish phrases. It is the most complete collection of Spanish phrases online and is updated every week with the phrase of the week. You can also sign up to the free email and learn one NEW Spanish phrase every day when you check your emails.

Learning Spanish should be fun and this service is intended to be a valuable contribution to your learning experience.

The audio for each phrase will be added as time progresses. some phrases already have audio and some don’t. If you want to send in some audio or also photos to match a particular phrase, quote, or saying that you enjoyed, please feel free to do so. I am always looking forward to hearing from you.

Learning Spanish sayings

Everybody knows how difficult it can sometimes be to learn a new language, or to keep improving the languages you already claim to speak. That’s why Spanish phrases tries to make it easy and fun to learn Spanish sayings. We hope you enjoy this website and all its content. Please get in touch. We are looking forward to your input!