Spanish Sayings

Spanish Sayings

A collection of all-time great Spanish sayings!

Understanding the culture of a people is important when learning a language. That’s why we have listed here a great collection of cool and interesting Spanish sayings for your reference. Browse thru all the different categories and pick out the sayings that you want to use for your work.

Have you considered contributing? Send a Spanish proverb or saying to the Spanish Phrases and we will insert it if it is a good one. (and provided that we don’t have them yet)

Why sayings are important:

1. You can impress people when you use them

2. You will understand natives better, as they use them in their daily speech

3. They give you an insight into how people think

4. It makes life more interesting!

We hope you enjoy this collection. Please let us know if we can do something to improve the site.

Saludos, The Spanish Phrases Team