Useful Spanish Phrases

My personal collection of useful Spanish phrases

More than ever, we have to manage our time well and learn only the most useful things in the little time we have available in our daily lifes. This site helps you learn useful Spanish phrases for daily life. You can browse through the collection or go and select the Spanish phrases you want to learn about from the menu on the left.

Here are some of the most useful Spanish phrases:

Está a más o menos cinco minutos andando.
It’s about five minutes by foot.

¿Hay librería cerca de aquí?
Is there a book shop near here?

Está bastante lejos.
It’s a fair way away.

¿Cómo se va a la fármacia, por favor?
How do I get to the pharmacy, please?

Está muy cerca.
It’s very near.

¿Dónde está la panadería?
Where is the bakery?

¿Está cerca de aquí?
Is it near from here?

Lo tenéis en un color diferente?
Do you have it in a different colour?

¿Podría usted decirme adónde puedo comprar un poco de agua, por favor?
Can you tell me where I can buy some water, please?

¿Aceptan cheques?
Do you accept checks?


I hope these Spanish phrases are useful to you. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to check out my other site Spanish Word-a-Day for help and to learn more Spanish for free!




Why are Spanish Phrases so useful?

When learning a language, it can sometimes seem overwhelming when you dive into the grammar, the rules, the verbs… but honestly, take a deep breath and relax: ALL you need to learn to get started, are phrases!! Specific Spanish sentences that help you grasp the tonality of the language and that will later help you understand Spanish better.

There is no need to worry about grammar at this point, because you can easily start speaking a language just by implementing the sentences that you have learned in a real life scenario. Why not find a learn buddy and learn a phrase a day together? Spanish Phrases is here to help. Let’s do it!