YES! It’s Friday! “Only Robinson Crusoe…” “Sólo Robinson Crusoe tenía todo hecho para el viernes.”


Funny Spanish Phrase for today:

 “Sólo Robinson Crusoe tenía todo hecho para el viernes.”

“Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.”

Relax on Friday

Relax on Friday (contributed by Jim W.)

30. November 2012 by spanishphrases
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  1. This doesn’t really work in Spanish, at least not with the same richness as in English. Compare: “…todo hecho para viernes” with “…todo hecho por Viernes.” Or perhaps is actually a good lesson in para v por for the native English speaker!

  2. Hola Tim, you are absolutely right. The meaning does get lost or at least it is very much weakened in the translation process. Luckily most Spanish speakers will still understand the meaning. I use it frequently in classes to display how subtle translations can be (pro vs. para, or hasta (until)). Saludos, Chris